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Who we are?
Who we are?

On September 6th, 2017 the island of St. Maarten has been hit by Hurricane Irma, a devastating Category 5+ storm. Most regions of our island have been severly impacted and businesses had to suspend operations.
The Atrium Beach Resort and Spa is one of few resorts to escape without structural damage. Throughout the storm and during the aftermath, the Atrium has been able to provide both water and electricity to its rooms.

Recent Images

The photos below were taken on the 30th of November and give a fair impression of the sourroundings of the Atrium.

Careful Optimism

Many of the restaurants and bars in Simpson Bay have been repaired and are operational. The area around the Atrium has become the hub of activity for island residents and visitors alike. Please enjoy the video below, which shows bars and restaurants which had reopened already by the first week of October. The spirit of St. Maarten has returned!



For Beach Lovers

Both Kimsha Beach behind the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa and Simpson Bay Beach are in great shape, the sand clean and the Caribbean Sea radiating its customary turqoise shades of blue.


Nightlife is now centered around Simpson Bay and the Atrium Beach Resort: Casinos and nightclubs are open and the party is back on! 


The stores in Philipsburg are open;  life in town has returned to some normality, with cruise ships arriving almost daily. Damage to buildings will be visible, but should not have a strong negative impact on the vacation experience.

Almost all shops in the vincinity of the Atrium are open. The gourmet super market next door is fully stocked.

Reality Check

Now, let's talk about the other highlights St. Maarten - St-Martin is famous for. Or was. Sorry for having to tell you, but you won't find them to be available during the winter season 2017/18!
Please accept that you will still see a lot of damage to buildings - the scars of a category 5+ hurricane can't be erased within a few weeks or months.
Especially the island's French side has suffered dramatic damage. Don't expect more than a few of the gourmet restaurants in Grand Case to be rebuilt before the end of the year. And Orient Beach? Its now a beach and not much more... The French side capital town of Marigot has been cleaned up with amazing speed, and you should feel free to stroll around. You'll find a handful of restaurants to be ready to serve you and most of the stores to be open.