The Atrium Beach Resort and Spa was developed in the Nineties as a timeshare resort and became rapidly one of St. Maarten's most desirable destinations.

Over the following decades the timeshare industry evolved into travel service providers, but the heritage of the Atrium as a vacation apartment complex comes now as a great benefit to regular travelers: All of the fully renovated rooms are well appointed vacation apartments, boasting a square footage equal to that of a comfortable condominium.

Not only are the suits superior in size and amenities to standard hotel rooms, but it is also the hospitality of the resort staff that will tell you that found your island home at the Atrium. Many of our guests return year after year and it is this closely knit community which sets the Atrium apart.

About the Building:

Ten floors high, modern elevators, generous patios, fully air conditioned, updated bathrooms, Wifi, TV with US channels - as you would expect.


A word to the safety minded: the Atrium Resort is a very sturdy building and over the years has withstood major hurricanes without damage. We are confident to recommend to stay with us during any time of the year, no matter if they call it Hurricane Season or not.

Aptly named 'The Friendly Island', St. Maarten/St. Martin has a reputations of welcoming visitors. And as long as they follow basic common sense rules (as they would anywhere in the world), a vacation will be pleasant and trouble free. The Atrium Beach Resort & Spa is located in Simpson Bay, the island's leading entertainment district. The resort is surrounded by restaurants, bars and nightspots and it is easy for guests to just walk. Please watch out for traffic... but otherwise feel free and safe to explore on foot.