Kimsha is the name of the Atrium's house beach. Firm white sand makes this quarter-mile stretch of strand perfect for any kind of sporting activity. You can walk bare foot at any time of the day without the sudden desire for a mad dash to the water in order to cool your feet - lack of silicon in the sand is the reason.

The Atrium offers generously spaced rows of beach chairs and umbrellas - no crowding on Kimsha! Tall palm trees and Australian Pines are providing extra shade for the melanin-challenged.

The cove defined by Kimsha Beach is a bit separate from the larger Simpson Bay and much better protected against wind and waves. Hardly ever does any surf build up to disturb the shallow entrance into the Caribbean Sea. Very safe for kids and elderly guests to enter the water and swim. Because the cove is so calm, a good number of sail boats are moored here. Most likely, your favorite day charter boat Random Wind or the classic schooner Pasaat is amongst them.

Kimsha is home to several activity providers: Ocean Explorers is a well know scuba shop and has its office right there, TriSports offers kayak tours.

A few times per year, Kimsha turns into the island's festival stage: during Heineken Regatta, a two-evening concert is performed right on the water's edge, every year with world-class performers such as Shaggy or the Black Eyed Pees. Admission is free! And not to worry: there is no noise problem for your comfort in the suites and even during festival week, you'll get your beach lounge with plenty space around it.