Pelican Cove faces the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa and is a popular anchorage for yachts traveling through. There are also several day charter boats moored right there. Our favorite is the sailing yacht Random Wind. This classic ketch has circumnavigated the world twice with a family on board. Today, Random Wind is YOUR chance to experience a coastal cruise on a classic sailing yacht. This boat is still home to its crew and has not been build for the charter trade. 


The ‘Paradise Day Sail’ follows the Southern coastline until a calm anchorage is reached. A delicious lunch is served, while the bar remains ‘open’. There is snorkeling equipment and a whole selection of water toys available. A unique attraction is the Tarzan Swing, allowing thrilling jumps into the crystal clear Caribbean sea.

Guests who book their stay at the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa through our website will enjoy amazing benefits:

  • 20% discount on excursion rates


  • Bring your kids for FREE


  • Bring one grown up friend for FREE

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