Which is the best breakfast spot close to the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa? Writing this article has turned out to be a real problem! Now, before you worry that you have to wait until lunch to get your first meal or - heaven forbid - that you must use the kitchen of your suite, let me explain the dilemma: There are just too many fantastic places for breakfast within walking distance of the Atrium, so that making a choice turned out to be impossible! Read up on our list - which is not claiming to be complete, just naming the highlights:

Once you leave the resorts door, turn left and walk to the main road. Cross the road, enter the area called Simpson Bay Yacht Club and you will find Zee Best, an out-door café offering freshly baked pastries and rolls and a complete menu of French-themed breakfast items. A few steps further is Top Carrot, the island's favorite spot for anything vegetarian: from an elaborate selection of freshly prepared fruit juices and mixes, to a broad variety of breakfast and lunch dishes, you'll find it here.

Zee Best - Close to the Atrium Beach Resort for Breakfast

If you turn left on the main road, you will walk towards Topper's Restaurant, which offers an 'all you can eat' breakfast buffet for a nominal price. And only a few steps further across the street is The Taste Factory: fully air conditioned, big selection of sandwiches, pastries, omlettes and more. Continuing the road, you will hit the St. Maarten Yacht Club: Famous for their Bloody Mary, this might be the best breakfast spot if you had a rough night and need to find your 'balance' with an early drink.

After the Simpson Bay bridge, Vesna Taverna brings gourmet quality to your search of a delicious breakfast. Fresh juices and an amazing and creative selection of breakfast items not to be found elsewhere set Vesna Taverna apart.