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A Night at the Hollywood Casino


The Hollywood Casino is a fully-featured boutique casino: all table games are available and a huge selection of the latest slot machines attract players from the surrounding resorts. There are regular poker tournaments and bingo nights. If you are staying at the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa, the Hollywood Casino is only a 10 minute walk away.

Our recommendations for a night out: start with dinner at Isola Ristorante, right next to the casino. After dinner, play a little. Celebrate your winning by having a drink at The Red Piano, one of the island's favorite night spots with live music. After a while, go back to the casino and play a little more. Its getting late and you might want a snack: Isola Ristorante serves delicious pizza until 2 AM. With fresh energy, return to The Red Piano, where the party goes on until 4 AM.

Best Breakfast!


Looking for breakfast? How about an all-you-can-eat buffet for just ten dollars? Topper's Restaurant and Bar is only a short stroll away from the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa and well known for lunch and dinner, also for their nightly entertainment. A few weeks back, Topper's started with breakfast, offering what is arguably the best deal available in the area. We checked the breakfast out for you: two thumbs up! Topper's is now the Atrium's official breakfast recommendation!

Shiv Shakti Indian Restaurant

Leave the lobby of the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa, cross the street and walk up some stairs... that's how close the island's most appreciated Indian restaurant is.


If you didn't have a chance yet to try Indian food, Shiv Shakti is the place to do so: the restaurant is very popular with the large Indian community residing on Sint Maarten and we take this as an indication that the food served is authentic.

The restaurant's setting is casual and the prices are moderate.

Special Yacht Excursions for Atrium Guests

Pelican Cove faces the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa and is a popular anchorage for yachts traveling through. There are also several day charter boats moored right there. Our favorite is the sailing yacht Random Wind. This classic ketch has circumnavigated the world twice with a family on board. Today, Random Wind is YOUR chance to experience a coastal cruise on a classic sailing yacht. This boat is still home to its crew and has not been build for the charter trade. 


The ‘Paradise Day Sail’ follows the Southern coastline until a calm anchorage is reached. A delicious lunch is served, while the bar remains ‘open’. There is snorkeling equipment and a whole selection of water toys available. A unique attraction is the Tarzan Swing, allowing thrilling jumps into the crystal clear Caribbean sea.

Guests who book their stay at the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa through our website will enjoy amazing benefits:

  • 20% discount on excursion rates


  • Bring your kids for FREE


  • Bring one grown up friend for FREE

Learn more about SV Random Wind >>>

Local Food Close the to Atrium Beach Resort and Spa

Music, paintings and writings are suppose to give us deep insights into a culture. The Caribbean is not short of major achievements in any of these art forms. 

But today I give you the art of preparing food: to understand the daily life of people you’d like to learn more about, find out what they are eating!

You heard that St. Maarten is the Caribbean’s gourmet island and that the island is basically crowded with first rate restaurants. Does that mean local residents check for Michelin stars before they order dinner? What are the local families eating at home? Budgetary considerations aside, what are the dishes St. Maarten-islanders like to prepare for themselves?

Local Food St Maarten

Our island is the ultimate melting pot (yes, this is a pun): The Dutch side is influenced by the history of the Dutch Kingdom, which included far away places such as Indonesia with its own distinct cuisine. For starters, this is where the peanut sauce came from which is frequently appreciated in local cooking. Or take Suriname in South America, another part of the Dutch empire: among the exotic items they like to prepare ‘down there’ is alligator tail - and you can find this delicacy sometimes locally served on a stick with a variety of sauces. 

But what came from Holland, other than Gouda cheese (which you are going to find in quantities)? Now, we have to be fair: the Dutch never, ever planned to compete with the French in cuisine (and they would not have succeeded anyway). But they gave us some comfort food which would fit right into the appetizer menu of TGI Friday’s, like Bitterballen or Frikandell. And if you are a Sushi lover, go for the original: Matjes Herring! (Don’t be shy on the onions...)

You’ll find true local eateries all over the island: from the Lolos in Grand Case to the small local restaurants at the waterfront in Marigot, from the snack shacks in Simpson Bay to the restaurants on Philipsburg’s Back Street. Rice and peas with chicken, grilled snapper, barbecued lobster... the choice is yours...

Caribbean’s Feisty Flavors is a catering service, delivering delicious local food for (Friday lunch only at this time) to any location on the island. 

Local Food St Maarten - Captains Rib Shack-2

The Captain’s Rib Shack in Simpson Bay has attracted a huge following from both visitors and locals. Their menu items exceed the concept of a rib-BBQ by far with a broad selection of other Caribbean dishes.

Local Food St Maarten - Captains Rib Shack-1


The Melting Pot is a restaurant in Simpson Bay/Cole Bay - across the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa.

Why It Is impossible to Write About the 'Best Breakfast Spot' in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten

Which is the best breakfast spot close to the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa? Writing this article has turned out to be a real problem! Now, before you worry that you have to wait until lunch to get your first meal or - heaven forbid - that you must use the kitchen of your suite, let me explain the dilemma: There are just too many fantastic places for breakfast within walking distance of the Atrium, so that making a choice turned out to be impossible! Read up on our list - which is not claiming to be complete, just naming the highlights:

Once you leave the resorts door, turn left and walk to the main road. Cross the road, enter the area called Simpson Bay Yacht Club and you will find Zee Best, an out-door café offering freshly baked pastries and rolls and a complete menu of French-themed breakfast items. A few steps further is Top Carrot, the island's favorite spot for anything vegetarian: from an elaborate selection of freshly prepared fruit juices and mixes, to a broad variety of breakfast and lunch dishes, you'll find it here.

Zee Best - Close to the Atrium Beach Resort for Breakfast

If you turn left on the main road, you will walk towards Topper's Restaurant, which offers an 'all you can eat' breakfast buffet for a nominal price. And only a few steps further across the street is The Taste Factory: fully air conditioned, big selection of sandwiches, pastries, omlettes and more. Continuing the road, you will hit the St. Maarten Yacht Club: Famous for their Bloody Mary, this might be the best breakfast spot if you had a rough night and need to find your 'balance' with an early drink.

After the Simpson Bay bridge, Vesna Taverna brings gourmet quality to your search of a delicious breakfast. Fresh juices and an amazing and creative selection of breakfast items not to be found elsewhere set Vesna Taverna apart.

Disco Nights on the Waterfront of Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

Old ships eventually start leaking and this is why the floating bar called 'Lady C' finally disappeard. The old wooden schooner was Simpson Bay's most favorite night spot and is sadly missed.


The good news is that JP, owner of 'Pizza Galley' and the adjacent bar 'The Dock', has brought back the spirit of Lady C! Not only does The Dock uses materials and memorabilia of Lady C, the parties return as well - at the same spot, now on a dock above the water.


Every last Saturday of the month, music from ABBA to the Village People is attracting a crowd, which even dresses the part!


The Dock is within walking distance of the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa, just before the Simpson Bay Lagoon bridge. Try the Pizza Galley for their gourmet pizza creations and party the night away at The Dock.

'Living Walls' in the Atrium's Lobby

Living Wall at the Atrium Lobby

Spring has arrived on March 21st, and we took the opportunity to display an explosion of flowers on the two 'Living Walls', which are the pride of our lobby. These walls are sophisticated pieces of art, using living plants instead of a paint brush.

The concept has been conceived by Disney; the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa is the only location on island to showcase this amazing botanical display.

Living Wall as Art Work

There is quite some know-how and technology behind the Living Wall: Plants have been chosen according to the precise amount of light reaching them in their location. A computerized irrigation system in the back keeps plants content - always green and during the right time, in full blossom.

The walls are maintained by local landscaping specialists Greenfingers.

Grocery Shopping

Super market close to the Atrium Beach ResortAll suites at the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa feature kitchens and standard cooking utensils. And even though there is a huge selection of fantastic restaurants at the resort's doorsteps, we hope that our guests use their kitchens occasionally to prepare their version of a Caribbean meal.

Next to the resort, you'll find the 'Market Garden', a supermarket catering to a quality conscious clientèle which at the same time should not be overly sensitive to the prices charged. There is fresh produce, meats, fish and almost any gourmet item desired. The liquor section offers a large variety of wines and spirits. There is a take-out buffet for breakfast and lunch - fill your container and the food will be charged by weight.

Across the street from our resort is a small Chinese-run convenience store, which undercuts the prices of the larger market for many daily items.

For more ambitious grocery shopping, the French discount chain 'Super U' has the answer: the large supermarket in Marigot offers prices on many products which are more in tune with the prices for groceries in Europe. On many items, prices are a fraction (!) of what Dutch side markets charge.