The Atrium Advisor

'Living Walls' in the Atrium's Lobby

Living Wall at the Atrium Lobby

Spring has arrived on March 21st, and we took the opportunity to display an explosion of flowers on the two 'Living Walls', which are the pride of our lobby. These walls are sophisticated pieces of art, using living plants instead of a paint brush.

The concept has been conceived by Disney; the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa is the only location on island to showcase this amazing botanical display.

Living Wall as Art Work

There is quite some know-how and technology behind the Living Wall: Plants have been chosen according to the precise amount of light reaching them in their location. A computerized irrigation system in the back keeps plants content - always green and during the right time, in full blossom.

The walls are maintained by local landscaping specialists Greenfingers.

Favorite Dining Spots

The Greenhouse Restaurant is located directly adjacent to the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa so that it is no wonder that our guests treat it like their default dining spot. But within a half mile radius of the Atrium, there are over 40 restaurants!

One of the favorite places of our guests (and the Atrium team itself) is Jimbo's Rock & Blues Cafe. Located across the street at the Simpson Bay Yacht Club, Jimbo's is arguably one of the island's most attractive restaurant.

Jimbo's Rock and Blues Cafe

The open air setting amidst tropical plants borders on a swimming pool which includes a swim-up bar. Jimbo calls the cuisine offered at his restaurant 'CaribMex'. This translated into a menu with standard Mexican fare, but also a good selection of Caribbean favorites (you need to try the ribs!) Ad a full bar with the famous Mega-Ritas and its easy to understand why you will meet fellow Atrium guests each time you enjoy dinner at Jimbo's.


Simpson Bay Pharmacy

Feeling under the weather? Too bad if this happens while you are on vacation.

Across the street from the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa is the Simpson Bay Yacht Club, a commercial center with several health providers. The Simpson Bay Pharmacy will honor any American prescription and carries a broad selection of both US and European products. There is also a dental clinic and an office with a general physiscian.

Even for minor ills, don't hesitate to look for medical advice: a doctor's visit is just $35/cash.

Grocery Shopping

Super market close to the Atrium Beach ResortAll suites at the Atrium Beach Resort and Spa feature kitchens and standard cooking utensils. And even though there is a huge selection of fantastic restaurants at the resort's doorsteps, we hope that our guests use their kitchens occasionally to prepare their version of a Caribbean meal.

Next to the resort, you'll find the 'Market Garden', a supermarket catering to a quality conscious clientèle which at the same time should not be overly sensitive to the prices charged. There is fresh produce, meats, fish and almost any gourmet item desired. The liquor section offers a large variety of wines and spirits. There is a take-out buffet for breakfast and lunch - fill your container and the food will be charged by weight.

Across the street from our resort is a small Chinese-run convenience store, which undercuts the prices of the larger market for many daily items.

For more ambitious grocery shopping, the French discount chain 'Super U' has the answer: the large supermarket in Marigot offers prices on many products which are more in tune with the prices for groceries in Europe. On many items, prices are a fraction (!) of what Dutch side markets charge.